Fascinator Flair

I'm beyond excited to being making my new fascinator flair.  I've been so anxious to make these mini top hats for months...my interest sparked even more after the royal wedding forcing me to take the leap and place an order.  Once they are whim whammed, these hats will be FABULOUS for the risk taking girly wanting some unique flair, for photographer props, OR for a new twist on a birthday hat.  I am itching to get started!!!


The Open House...a dream come true!

The open house was such an amazing success for Whim Wham.  I was and continue to be humbled by the amazing turn out and outpouring of support I've gotten due to this event.  Thanks to those of you whom attended or sent well wishes....I cannot even begin to express how much it meant to me!

I've been so busy with orders in the aftermath of the event, that I've been unable to add more items to my etsy store listings or even update posts here. 

It is my goal to get tons of orders complete and in the mail as of this Friday so I can begin to update the blog prior to moving into the next wave of orders I have in my book!

The busy-ness of Whim Wham is a HUGE blessing...I'll just have to figure out how to balance it all!

Thank you for your patience as I get the blog caught up!