Sweet Jada-bug Ladybug

This was such a fun order to put together.  Jada's mom had a vision for what she wanted and so we went with it with a new Whim Wham twist!  I am loving the new more detailed petti tutu and the ladybug on the flowers.  Late at night when I came up with a way to make the ladybugs part of the actual outfit I freaked...I'm so in love with this...

....how darling is that sweet Jada at her first birthday. (Jada's photo compliments of Matt Boyce) WOW!!!

Team Flair: Steelers

This was such a fun special order for me since we too are Steeler's fans.  My loyal customer Maura ordered two matching outfits; one for her daughter and one for her niece.  NOW I believe I'll be making these for my girls as well!  Thanks Maura for the purchase!!!

Fascinator Flair

Check out my first piece of Fascinator Flair!  I can't wait to share pics of someone actually wearing it so you can get a better idea of the size. I was hoping to get pics of my newborn niece in it this past week, but unfortunately with car trouble we were unable to visit her...hopefully next weekend I can snap some sweet shots!

These pieces of flair are great for birthday hats, photo props or for the daring whimsy girl to wear out on the town.


Team Flair

I'm so excited to share my first "Team Flair" order! These 17 hair clips are headed to the The Purple Daisies, a local girls softball team. I can't wait to share pics of the team sporting their flair! A HUGE thank you to Tara for connecting Whim Wham to the team!  It was SO much fun seeing these come together!!!

My next "Team Flair" is for a local cheerleading squad...SO EXCITING!!!