New Bows!

In my efforts to prepare for back-to-school and cheer bow orders I've added a new piece of flair to my offerings. This one was made to match one of my daughter's new outfits for school! LOVING it!


Cheer Season is upon us!

It's almost cheer season here in Delaware. For those of you who are looking for team bows, please give me a call at 740-816-0912 or email me at kellyann_whimwham@yahoo.com to discuss your team colors and what you are looking for!

Feel free to check out my Hair Flair album to get an idea of some of the bows I already make...but know I'm always excited to create new options to match your vision! Thanks and CHEER ON!


Sweet Jada-bug Ladybug

This was such a fun order to put together.  Jada's mom had a vision for what she wanted and so we went with it with a new Whim Wham twist!  I am loving the new more detailed petti tutu and the ladybug on the flowers.  Late at night when I came up with a way to make the ladybugs part of the actual outfit I freaked...I'm so in love with this...

....how darling is that sweet Jada at her first birthday. (Jada's photo compliments of Matt Boyce) WOW!!!

Team Flair: Steelers

This was such a fun special order for me since we too are Steeler's fans.  My loyal customer Maura ordered two matching outfits; one for her daughter and one for her niece.  NOW I believe I'll be making these for my girls as well!  Thanks Maura for the purchase!!!

Fascinator Flair

Check out my first piece of Fascinator Flair!  I can't wait to share pics of someone actually wearing it so you can get a better idea of the size. I was hoping to get pics of my newborn niece in it this past week, but unfortunately with car trouble we were unable to visit her...hopefully next weekend I can snap some sweet shots!

These pieces of flair are great for birthday hats, photo props or for the daring whimsy girl to wear out on the town.


Team Flair

I'm so excited to share my first "Team Flair" order! These 17 hair clips are headed to the The Purple Daisies, a local girls softball team. I can't wait to share pics of the team sporting their flair! A HUGE thank you to Tara for connecting Whim Wham to the team!  It was SO much fun seeing these come together!!!

My next "Team Flair" is for a local cheerleading squad...SO EXCITING!!!


Fascinator Flair

I'm beyond excited to being making my new fascinator flair.  I've been so anxious to make these mini top hats for months...my interest sparked even more after the royal wedding forcing me to take the leap and place an order.  Once they are whim whammed, these hats will be FABULOUS for the risk taking girly wanting some unique flair, for photographer props, OR for a new twist on a birthday hat.  I am itching to get started!!!


The Open House...a dream come true!

The open house was such an amazing success for Whim Wham.  I was and continue to be humbled by the amazing turn out and outpouring of support I've gotten due to this event.  Thanks to those of you whom attended or sent well wishes....I cannot even begin to express how much it meant to me!

I've been so busy with orders in the aftermath of the event, that I've been unable to add more items to my etsy store listings or even update posts here. 

It is my goal to get tons of orders complete and in the mail as of this Friday so I can begin to update the blog prior to moving into the next wave of orders I have in my book!

The busy-ness of Whim Wham is a HUGE blessing...I'll just have to figure out how to balance it all!

Thank you for your patience as I get the blog caught up!


A Whim Wham-errific Celebration


Join us May 1st (between 1:00-3:00) for an Open House to celebrate you, my fans and customers, as well as the success of Whim Wham over the past 2.5 years.

Treats by Carrie's Confections, styling by BMoore Celebrations, products by Thrity-One, and of course LOADS of Whim Wham!

For more information contact me at kellyann_whimwham@yahoo.com.


Whim Whamming a Fairy Room!

I have long dreamt of surprising the girls with a special fairy room. Recently I was given the inspiration necessary by my dear friend Carrie, of Carrie's Confections, when she gave my daughter a fairy door for her birthday. This inspired a project and the need to further whim wham my little darling’s room. The final result is breathtaking and draws MUCH attention from ALL of the kiddos that come to our home; boys, girls, young and old. Below I've shared the steps I went through (with the help of my sweet husband) to create this look for my daughter.

Fairy doors are available in any color upon request...fairy rooms are up to you to whim wham yourself! Have fun!!!

Prior to starting this project, you must first search out the wall on which you'd like the fairy room to be situated. In order to create a fairly deep fairy room you must select a wall that allows you to cut through 2 levels of drywall such as the external wall of a closet. By using a closet wall, you can cut through the drywall inside the room as well as the drywall directly behind that wall in the closet itself. This will allow the fairy room to have support at the front and the back of the structure.

Once you've made this decision, you can decide how wide you'd like the fairy room to be as well as how deep (depending on the space allowed you between the two layers of drywall). Once you've made these decisions, cut your wood (I've used 1/4 inch oak here) to the specifications you've selected. You will need a floor and ceiling of equal size, 2 room walls of equal size, and a back wall. You will also want to go ahead and cut the face plate to which you'll attach the door and mount to the wall. The cutting of the faceplate will include not only cutting it to size, but also cutting out a space equal in size to the fairy door frame. I would suggest making the faceplate at least 1 inch larger on all sides than the fairy room itself.  This will allow you plenty of space during installation and further guarantee a secure fit on the wall. 

Next you will need to gather supplies to assemble and decorate the fairy room. The supplies include: a fairy door, 3 side walls, a floor and a ceiling, small nails, long screws (dependant on size of wood and fairy room), a hammer, a screw driver, a drill, wood glue, scrapbook paper to use as wall paper, foam paper to use as carpet, mod podge, and a paint brush. You may also want to gather the supplies to make the face plate and porch of the room, which include: several fat and several skinny Popsicle sticks, hot glue gun and glue, white wall paint, a piece of crown molding to be used as a stoop, the face plate you've already cut, as well as quarter round cut to finish the edges and a strong adhesive such as wood glue or E 6000. 

Use Mod Podge to attach sturdy scrapbook paper to side walls prior to assembly. Next, attach the flooring you've selected.  Here, I've used hot glue to attach the foam paper.  Be sure to cut the flooring with enough space on each side for the side walls to fit into position.  This is a good time to make any accessories you'd like for the inside so you can attach them prior to final installation (such as the fairy photo frame shown here).
Attach the side walls with wood glue and two nails per side. Drive the nails from the floor up into the wall.

Select fairy-like accessories.
Attach ceiling and install accessories

Measure, draw and cut a hole in the drywall inside room the exact size of the fairy room. Next, trace a hole on drywall in closet using a level to ensure it will match up with hole you've already cut in the interior wall.

Insert room into holes in wall and ensure it is a snug fit.

Mount the face plate onto the wall first by applying a strong adhesive to the back of the face plate and then, using long screws, screw into the frame of the fairy house. You should also use screws to attach the face plate directly to the drywall to ensure a snug fit against the wall.

Finish the face plate with paint or with heavy scrapbook paper (attached here with mod podge) to cover the screws used to mount the face plate to the wall. You should also finish the little porch as you'd like. Here, I've used both large and small Popsicle sticks to create the look of decking (attached here with hot glue).

Paint the porch with wall paint...

And VIOLA a fabulous fairy room!

Oh the whimsical possibilities!


Welcome to Whimsicology 101

Personalizing Whimsy for your World!
This blog has been in the making for a LONG time. As you can see from the posts below I've been playing around with it for more than 2 years. Just recently, I've decided to really give it a go and launch Whimsicology 101 as a means to connect with you my fans and customers. And, to be honest, I also love to ramble and share pictures and this is obviously a great way to do just that. Through facebook, I've been able to make my products readily available to a huge population of people, but better yet, with this blog, I'll be able to reach anyone with a computer and the internet!

Please enjoy what you see and make sure to check out the pages with product photos and pricing as well (still under construction).

The blog will be fully functional by May 1st 2011! 

May your days be filled
with whimsy!

PS. Thank you so much AMANDA for all of your dedicated work helping design and format this blog, my etsy store, AND my logo with all its new colors!  You're AMAZING!!!


Whim-Whamming a Pumpkin!

To add some whimsical flair to my daughter's first birthday (a cross between a Halloween and a Princess Party), I decided to whim wham some pumpkins. I had seen some general ideas on The Today Show which I changed up a bit with some feathers and ribbon and ta-da a whim whammed pumpkin! I used both decoupage techniques and painting, but on this entry we will go through the steps for a spray painted version.

You'll need to gather your supplies first. They include: a pumpkin of any size, masking or painter's tape, contact paper, scissors, a circle cutter (to create a polka dot pumpkin), spray paint of any color (although orange probably wouldn't have much of an effect), ribbons and notions of any kind.

Step One: Cut the contact paper into whatever shape you want to make orange on your pumpkin. In this case, I used a circle cutter to create circles and polka dot my pumpkin. Attach the shapes randomly on the pumpkin, ensuring the contact paper adheres as much as possible to the pumpkin. Cover the stem with masking or painter's tape.

Spray paint the pumpkin on all sides. It may require more than one coat to cover the pumpkin completely.

 Allow the pumpkin to dry and remove the contact paper and masking tape slowly.

Add any decoration you'd like to complete the whim wham!


What is a Whim-Wham anyway?!?!?

Let me preface this blog by saying that I am not the only person out there in the world who feels a lesson in Whimsicology would be valuable for others seeking whimsy!

To explain further, as I was searching out a site name for my business web page I typed in Whimsicology.com thinking it would be extremely original...well apparently not only was it taken, but the man using it has a blog entitled Whimsicology 101. WHAT???? That is my blog name!?!?!?

This continues to be crazy to me since the title that I had once found SO original had come to my husband and I one evening as we were discussing my creation of a business.

Knowing I was starting a business centered around my love of whimsical pieces, I had researched many name ideas that would instantly send a message about the products I hope to produce. Through that research I had come to find that the word Whimsy comes originally from the word whim-wham. A Whim-Wham is a fanciful object made by hand. I instantly knew that this was just perfect for my business. It not only had a catchy sound and feel about it, but it described just what I wanted to do...make fanciful objects by hand! And so out of whim-wham came Whim Wham Designs.

That same night we talked through some of my outlandish dreams of the business and came to label my position as "Head Whimsicologist". I then discussed the possibility of a blog walking people through some of the ways one can take ordinary objects and add whimsy to them...and hence late that same night Whimsicology 101 was born.

May you enjoy what you find on the pages of this blog and may my designs add whimsy to your world!