Welcome to Whimsicology 101

Personalizing Whimsy for your World!
This blog has been in the making for a LONG time. As you can see from the posts below I've been playing around with it for more than 2 years. Just recently, I've decided to really give it a go and launch Whimsicology 101 as a means to connect with you my fans and customers. And, to be honest, I also love to ramble and share pictures and this is obviously a great way to do just that. Through facebook, I've been able to make my products readily available to a huge population of people, but better yet, with this blog, I'll be able to reach anyone with a computer and the internet!

Please enjoy what you see and make sure to check out the pages with product photos and pricing as well (still under construction).

The blog will be fully functional by May 1st 2011! 

May your days be filled
with whimsy!

PS. Thank you so much AMANDA for all of your dedicated work helping design and format this blog, my etsy store, AND my logo with all its new colors!  You're AMAZING!!!

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