Whim-Whamming a Pumpkin!

To add some whimsical flair to my daughter's first birthday (a cross between a Halloween and a Princess Party), I decided to whim wham some pumpkins. I had seen some general ideas on The Today Show which I changed up a bit with some feathers and ribbon and ta-da a whim whammed pumpkin! I used both decoupage techniques and painting, but on this entry we will go through the steps for a spray painted version.

You'll need to gather your supplies first. They include: a pumpkin of any size, masking or painter's tape, contact paper, scissors, a circle cutter (to create a polka dot pumpkin), spray paint of any color (although orange probably wouldn't have much of an effect), ribbons and notions of any kind.

Step One: Cut the contact paper into whatever shape you want to make orange on your pumpkin. In this case, I used a circle cutter to create circles and polka dot my pumpkin. Attach the shapes randomly on the pumpkin, ensuring the contact paper adheres as much as possible to the pumpkin. Cover the stem with masking or painter's tape.

Spray paint the pumpkin on all sides. It may require more than one coat to cover the pumpkin completely.

 Allow the pumpkin to dry and remove the contact paper and masking tape slowly.

Add any decoration you'd like to complete the whim wham!

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