What is a Whim-Wham anyway?!?!?

Let me preface this blog by saying that I am not the only person out there in the world who feels a lesson in Whimsicology would be valuable for others seeking whimsy!

To explain further, as I was searching out a site name for my business web page I typed in Whimsicology.com thinking it would be extremely original...well apparently not only was it taken, but the man using it has a blog entitled Whimsicology 101. WHAT???? That is my blog name!?!?!?

This continues to be crazy to me since the title that I had once found SO original had come to my husband and I one evening as we were discussing my creation of a business.

Knowing I was starting a business centered around my love of whimsical pieces, I had researched many name ideas that would instantly send a message about the products I hope to produce. Through that research I had come to find that the word Whimsy comes originally from the word whim-wham. A Whim-Wham is a fanciful object made by hand. I instantly knew that this was just perfect for my business. It not only had a catchy sound and feel about it, but it described just what I wanted to do...make fanciful objects by hand! And so out of whim-wham came Whim Wham Designs.

That same night we talked through some of my outlandish dreams of the business and came to label my position as "Head Whimsicologist". I then discussed the possibility of a blog walking people through some of the ways one can take ordinary objects and add whimsy to them...and hence late that same night Whimsicology 101 was born.

May you enjoy what you find on the pages of this blog and may my designs add whimsy to your world!

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